Better and quicker management reporting

Just been on the ICAEW the Business Analytics and Reporting course run by the ICAEW and Singapore Institute.  This great three-day hands-on course given by the excellent Mr KK Tang is a must for anyone regularly working with Excel data. I just wish I had been on it ten years ago as it would have saved months of time!

It shows how to take repetitive tasks out of monthly data and how data and narrative in your reports can be interactive both for different periods and sensitivity analysis.  It uses all those Excel functions you know about, but shows how to apply them in a practical way. And its not just for financial reporting, anyone using sales and other data will benefit .

It has lot’s of practical uses for the private equity industry and investments and a great way of pulling information together from different sources.

Update February 10 – I was awarded a Business Analytics and Reporting MERIT

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Link to ICAEW trainingWatch a training ICAEW video here

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